Ivation Electric Pressure Washer Review

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer Review
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If you are looking for a light pressure washer that works great for difficult cleaning jobs, you should try the Ivation Electric Pressure Washer.

The Ivation Electric Pressure Washer promises to help you drive away from the toughest grimes and dirt with its 2200 PSI and 1.8 GPM. It runs on a 14.5-amp motor and comes with 5 different nozzles which make it more powerful for blasting away stains from a wide variety of objects.

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The nozzles included are for projects that need high and low-pressure jets of water that ranges from 0-40 degrees. The fifth nozzle is for detergent or soap. Aside from these attachments, you will also get a turbo wand for a better cleaning experience.

Setting up the unit is simple and quick, and you will need less than a minute to complete it. There are 3 simple attachments that easily connect and lock securely in place.

Aside from these, another amazing feature of the product is the Total Stop System. This makes the unit safer to use because it automatically shuts off the machine when not in use for a certain amount of time.

Moreover, there are optional self-suction and soap dispenser features for maintaining the unit. Lastly, the manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty to ensure that you are satisfied with your pressure washer.


  • A powerful 2200 PSI electric pressure washer with 1.8 GPM and runs on a 14.5-amp motor
  • Includes 5 pressure washer nozzles of different types for cleaning various types of surfaces
  • Easy and simple to assemble with 3 simple attachments
  • Includes a bonus Turbo Spray Wand to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Includes copper connections that easily attach and secure accessories
  • Has a Total Stop System (TSS) safety feature
  • Has an optional self-suction and soap dispenser feature for maintaining the unit in good condition
  • Ideal for cleaning all types of vehicles, outdoor furniture, driveways, and more
  • Comes complete with a 1-year warranty


The Ivation 2200 PSI pressure washer has a long list of features that will make you decide to buy it as others have. It’s high rating on Amazon and other review sites are proof that this product is performing not just in sales, but also in accomplishing your difficult cleaning tasks.

Whether you want your car to look shiny, or your wooden fence to appear like it is newly painted, you can trust that this pressure washer to do a great job.

This model is one of the most powerful electric pressure washers, delivering 2200 PSI and 1.8 GPM. The 14.5-amp motor makes the scrubbing and cleaning power of the unit more effective;. with these specifications, you can rest assured that that mold, grime, and tough stains will be removed in no time.

In terms of ease of use, this product is top-notch. Assembling it is so easy that you can use it right out of the box. Thanks to the copper connections, you can easily attach and secure the high-pressure and garden hoses.

And if there is no garden hose available, the self-suction feature enables the use of standing water so you can still operate. For safety purposes, the product has a Total Stop System (TSS) that is automatically activated when the gun is not in use.

What will make you like the product more are the nozzles included. There are 5 different nozzles with 5 different uses for a variety of applications.

The narrowness and forcefulness range from 0-40 degrees, allowing you to choose the right pressure level needed for the water to cut through the dirt. With the bonus turbo spray wand, you can even clean hard-to-reach areas.


There is not much to complain about this product according to reviews. The only setback could be the unavailability of parts and some accessories since Ivation is not a well-known brand. So you have to be careful in using it so that you don’t need to replace parts right away. For assistance, you can always reach the manufacturer through customer service.

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Though the Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer w/Water Tank is a lesser-known brand, it still receives high ratings from verified customers on Amazon. This means, that this brand can compete against the names you always hear on the market. It is simple, durable, and affordable as well. The money you spend on it is sure to be worth it.